Renter Information

I want to apply for a property

Once you have found the property you like, register your interest by booking an inspection online either through our website, or When you register your interest online, you will automatically receive a PDF of our Tenancy Application Form. You can also apply online for a property through our website or via Please ensure you provide us with all required references and complete the Privacy Statement, which is required under the Privacy Act 1988. Please note that we cannot process your application if this is not done. All applications are processed and submitted to the owner for consideration. A decision on an application usually takes approximately 24 hours and is at the absolute discretion of the landlord. Upon acceptance of your application, you will be contacted by our Property Management Department and sent a Letter of Offer outlining the leasing process.

Tenancy Appointment

Appointments are required to be booked to enable our property managers to spend quality time with you and to properly prepare accordingly. Please contact our Property Management Department on 03 9830 0990 or email your property manager to make an appointment to discuss matters relating to your tenancy. Tenancy advice is not provided over the phone and all requests, other than urgent repairs, need to be submitted to the office in writing. For further renting information, please download a copy of Consumer Affairs ‘Renting a Home’ Guide under our Tenancy Resource section.