Our sales team is made up of highly experienced and motivated staff, who are experts on identifying and act on every possible sales opportunity. We are uncompromising in making your property stand out through our extensive marketing campaigns. This dedication to excellence is designed to ensure that your property receives the highest exposure possible to potential buyers. Our team will guide you through the entire process and we will be with you every step of the way.


Our team will recommend the best marketing strategy, not only for your property but also for you and the time frame that you have in mind. Our goal, of course, is to achieve the maximum price possible. Our recommendations will be based on a number of criteria such as, the style of your property, the demand for such a property, the best and most cost-effective marketing and advertising mediums, your time frame and the current economic conditions. We will discuss with you the various methods you can use to sell your property i.e. Auction, Private Sale, Sale by Negotiation, Expression of Interest or by Tender. Together we will choose a method that you are comfortable with and that will achieve the result that you are looking for.


An auction is a public sale by a licensed auctioneer where a property is sold to the highest bidder. The three main advantages of selling by auction are:


The auction process creates a sense of urgency and encourages competitive bidding. The competition of an auction heightens buyers’ emotions and their desire to ‘win’.


You are working to a fixed timetable, with the auction organized for a set date. The set campaign period restricts the timeframe during which you need to facilitate open for inspections and building and pest inspections. Prospective purchasers must do their due diligence prior to auction day and be comfortable with the contract terms to bid for an unconditional sale.


A skilled auctioneer can make a significant difference to your sale price. They create excitement, confidence and strong competition.


Private sale listings are offered for sale with a set asking price or a price range no greater than 10% in the price range.

The three main advantages of a private sale are:


A private sale allows you time to consider offers by potential buyers and flexibility for negotiation without the time sensitivity of an auction.


As private sales do not run to a set timeline, your target market have time to absorb and act on the marketing campaign. This allows the time for us to find the right buyer at the right price.


A private sale allows you to test the market for pricing feedback.


SBCD gathers offers for properties within a specified price range without disclosing the price to other buyers. It is essentially a private sale with a deadline designed to create a sense of urgency for buyers to act upon within a certain time frame (normally 4 weeks).


EOI gathers offers for properties without disclosing the price for which the client is prepared to sell. They are a form of a blind auction where the buyers can’t see other interested parties involved. It can often be used when the purchaser might be known to the client already and is trying to get the highest possible price from the buyer.