Analysis of Victorian Real Estate Auction Results 01/06/2024

Overview of Auction Results

The Victorian real estate market, particularly in Melbourne, presented a mixed performance during the auction weekend of 1 June 2024. According to recent data, Melbourne hosted 1,292 scheduled auctions with a 62% clearance rate based on 1,119 reported results. Out of these, 459 properties were sold at auction, 221 sold prior, and 10 sold post-auction. Meanwhile, 147 properties were withdrawn, and 282 were passed in. This shows a moderate level of market activity but also highlights significant buyer hesitation and market volatility.

Market Challenges

Several factors are contributing to the current state of the market:

  1. The rising cost of living is putting pressure on potential buyers, making it difficult for many to enter the market.
  2. Recent tax reforms introduced by the Victorian government are affecting both first-home buyers and investors. These taxes increase the financial burden on property transactions, making it less attractive for investors to hold assets in Victoria.
  3. The broader economic conditions, including potential interest rate hikes, are causing buyers to be more cautious. The Reserve Bank’s monetary policies are closely watched as they significantly impact borrowing costs and market sentiment.

Regional Performance

The auction results varied across different regions of Melbourne:

  • Areas like Essendon and Glen Iris saw strong demand with high-value properties fetching significant prices. For instance, properties in Essendon sold for nearly $4 million, indicating a robust demand in these premium segments.
  • This region reported an impressive clearance rate of 95.2%, reflecting a localized surge in demand. This area seems to be bucking the trend seen in other parts of Melbourne, showing strong buyer interest and competitive bidding.

Expert Insights

Some experts provided further insights, noting that the Melbourne auction market started June with higher listings but lower clearance rates compared to the same period last year. He emphasized that economic factors, including interest rate concerns and changing buyer sentiment, are influencing current market dynamics.

Opportunities for Buyers

Despite the challenges, there are still opportunities for savvy buyers and investors:

  • The current market conditions have led to reduced competition, which could be advantageous for buyers looking to secure a property at a more reasonable price.
  • Experts like Kate Hill from Advisable buyer’s agent suggest that Victoria’s long-term market prospects remain solid. The state’s economic fundamentals, coupled with its desirability as a place to live, work, and invest, provide a positive outlook for property investments.

Future Market Trends

The auction results from the past weekend reflect a market in flux. The mixed performance indicates a cautious sentiment among buyers, influenced by economic uncertainties and new tax policies. However, as the market adapts, particularly with potential interest rate changes on the horizon, both buyers and investors need to stay informed and strategically navigate these evolving conditions.


The Victorian real estate auction market on 1 June 2024, shows a stable yet cautious sentiment. The increase in listing activity reflects confidence among sellers, but the moderate clearance rate suggests buyer hesitation. As the market evolves, staying informed about economic policies and market trends will be crucial for making sound investment decisions. For ongoing insights and updates, resources like REIV, Domain, and Property Update provide valuable data and analysis

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