Melbourne Real Estate Auction Results 20/05/2024

Current Market Conditions

The Melbourne real estate market is currently experiencing a period of stability, with property prices remaining relatively flat. As of March 2024, Melbourne’s median house price was just over $935,000, showing a minimal change from the previous month and quarter, but a modest annual growth of 3.3%​​. This trend reflects a cautious market, with signs of slowdown evident since late 2023 and early 2024.

Auction Results and Market Sentiment

Over the weekend, Melbourne’s auction market mirrored these broader trends. The auction clearance rate stood at 66.2%, slightly down from the previous week’s 70.1% (which later revised to 65.0%)​​​​. Despite the dip, the strong clearance rates indicate that buyer interest remains steady, particularly in well-located and desirable suburbs.

Market Influences

Several factors are contributing to the current state of the Melbourne property market. Rising interest rates have had a significant impact, making buyers and sellers more cautious. Melbourne has been hit harder by these rate hikes compared to some other Australian cities​​. Additionally, the Victorian government’s increase in property taxes has led some landlords to sell, increasing the supply of lower-grade properties and dampening price growth further​​.

Future Market Predictions

Looking ahead, the outlook for the Melbourne property market is mixed. Some experts believe there is significant upside potential if interest rates stabilize or decrease later in the year. The return of international investors and continued population growth are expected to support demand and potentially drive price increases in the medium to long term​​.

However, the market remains fragmented, with some suburbs and property types performing better than others. Strategic investors are advised to carefully select properties and locations to maximize potential returns. The ongoing low vacancy rates and rising rental prices also suggest that the rental market will remain strong, providing attractive opportunities for investors​​.


In summary, the Melbourne real estate market is currently characterized by stable prices and strong auction clearance rates, reflecting a cautious but active buyer market. While the immediate future may see continued price stagnation, the longer-term outlook remains positive, driven by population increases, economic opportunities, and a potential easing of interest rates. Investors and homebuyers are encouraged to stay informed and strategic in their property choices to capitalize on future market movements.

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